Clean Energy


Lotus Floating Solar Farm Project

Floating solar power plant with designed capacity of 14 MWp is expected to operate in 2020. Phase 1 of the project company CEH will invest 8MWp on ​​9ha water area.
The area of ​​land used for the project is approximately 14.86ha water surface (for solar panel installation) and the ground is about 2ha (construction of substations, inverter and transmission lines …).
With a total investment of over VND 145 billion in phase 1, the project is expected to provide more than 12 million kWh in the first year. It is worth mentioning that, unlike ground-mounted or roof-top solar projects, floating solar farm often have higher efficiency due to the natural cooling effect of water surface, estimated from 10- 15% depending on operating conditions. In addition to contributing to revenue and creating jobs for the region, the project make good use of the available resources by using water surface area created from the exploited soil operation, It also brings a beautiful landscape and safe for people in the area.


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