Vision, Mission & Core values

Vision, Mission & Core values


Clean Energy Holding J.S.C (CEH) invests and develops renewable energy projects. We also produce single-use paper products in order to replace plastic products of the same type. We strive to produce a total 600 Mwh electricity capacity of renewable energy by 2025 (equivalent to the capacity of a conventional coal power plant) and develop at least 10 paper/friendly environment products to replace single use plastic products.


CEH’s mission is to widespread the production and business activities that are associated with preserving the living environment, providing the society with clean energy and environmentally friendly products, contributing to preserve our planet clean and beautiful.


Our team: 

CEH is a team of honest, dedicated and responsible personnel with its products and services

Our products & services:

CEH’s products and services are in good quality, safe for users and the living environment with the most reasonable price.

Social responsibility

CEH serves the community through its products and services and other practical actions.




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