Clean Paper Straw


Unit Price List of Clean Paper Straw

The wholesale unit price in April 2020

The picture of products are shown below.


  • Box of 100 traws size 6mmx197mm:  price is $1.43
  • Box of 200 traws size 6mmx197mm:  price is $2.75
  • Box of 100 traws size 8mmx197mm:  price is $1.65


box of straws 6mm x 197mm

The carton contains 45 boxes straws size 6mm x 197mm (100 pcs/box)

The carton contains 24 boxes 6mm x 197mm (200 straws/box)

package  of straws


package of wrapped straws 


Paper straws specifications:

  • 3 layers of Paper.
  • Keep in dry, clean place, away from fire.
  • Do not use for beverage above 40°C.

Paper straw colors: white.


  • Food-grade Glue from Henkel (Germany).
  • Natural white paper from SCG paper (Thailand) or Roxcel (B&B Austria’s paper).

Factory’s address:  175B Tam Da Street, Truong Thanh ward, district 9, HCMC, Vietnam

Paper for straws

Glue is stored in an air-conditioned room

Hotline/Zalo/Viber:  0865 055799 

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