Call For Investment Project


New Clean Paper Straw Production Plant in District 9, HCMC

The first phase of the factory has a capacity of 5 million straws/ month to serve the domestic market and export. CEH focuses on producing products that meet health safety standards and are convenient for users. CEH’s paper straws have natural white color, which is suitable for different usages like coffee, smoothie, milk tea, soft drinks …. At the same time, in June, 2019 CEH signed contracts to buy glue from Henkel (Germany) and paper from Thai Paper Company Limited.

Together with other organizations to protect the environment, CEH plans to increase its capacity and diversify its products made from biodegradable materials to gradually replace plastic cups, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, plastic straws,..which take 400 years to decompose, and destroying the nature and habitat of living species on earth.

The factory picture:








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