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CEH installs Dien Quang Smarthome system for customers

Applying technology to your home will make everything simpler. Create a more luxurious and comfortable life with smart home solutions, smart offices, smart spaces, smart buildings and smart cities

CEH consulting, designing and installing smart home system with solutions, technology and equipment provided by Dien Quang. Especially, CEH will design and install a solar power system that is suitable for each household’s electricity usage situation. Dien Quang Smart is built on the open multi-standard connection platform (Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi), and supports many smart devices. Ability to quickly integrate with 3rd party peripherals such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Yale, LG, Xiaomi… with high quality and security.
The basic equipment list:

Dien Quang’s smart home solution allows users to control, control and optimize all home lighting systems. Easily schedule the lighting system and smart home electrical equipment through your phone anytime, anywhere.

Smarthome Dien Quang uses wireless technology, so just changing the old switch system with the Dien Quang touch switch is able to control the existing system, the Dien Quang smart switch is resistant to shock, fire and helps to locate at night, In addition, there is also a wireless wireless device that can be placed at the desk or sleeping position…  Besides, the installation of smart home system helps the house more luxurious.

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Control hub
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Some basic applications of Dien Quang’s smarthome system:

– Can automatically turn on hallway lights when there are people and turn off completely when there is no movement.

– Flexible control of household appliances in the house: air conditioning, television, window curtains, … Directly on smart phones.

– Flexible and easy dating on on off and off electrical equipment. It is possible to set automatic operation mode for some equipment. Easily set up a new mode when the owner wants to change.

– When there is a fixed system, it will give an alert to the homeowner via mobile phone to help the owner time to protect the house from afar.

– Self-adjust a number of utilities when changing the weather such as turning on the garden lights when it’s dark, turning off the air conditioner when the temperature is cold enough, changing the color of the light to match the ambient temperature …

Some features of the device can be controlled by voice.

CEH accompanied Dien Quang throughout the process of testing, designing, selecting, installing solutions, supporting customers to use and security products.

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