VCCI proposes allowing individuals to engage in the trading of rooftop solar power

According to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), allowing the sale and purchase of electricity within the same building brings several benefits, such as creating additional resources for the development of this type of power source, limiting excess electricity, and balancing the overall system’s usage demand. Is registration with the Provincial People’s Committee […]


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Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has announced the rooftop solar power purchase prices for the year 2024.

The Electricity of Vietnam Group (EVN) has announced the purchase prices for electricity from rooftop solar power systems in 2024, ranging from 1,999 VND/kWh to 2,231 VND/kWh. EVN issued this announcement to its Power Corporations, Telecommunications Electricity Corporations, and Information Technology Corporations regarding the electricity purchase prices from rooftop solar power systems in 2024. EVN […]


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Vietnam earns billions of dong from selling carbon credits.

Vietnam has just completed the transfer of 10.3 million tons of CO2 to the World Bank, earning nearly VND 1,250 billion. This is the latest information reported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to the Prime Minister. According to the report, the carbon credits were obtained from forests in the North Central region. […]


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Recycled solar panels are repurposed into perfume bottles or even semiconductor components.

Originally solar panels, they have now been transformed into perfume bottles or even semiconductor components. In a recent initiative near Bordeaux, France, a local factory is undertaking a remarkable transformation of used solar panels into various products, from perfume bottles to semiconductor components. The cutting-edge process involves the disassembly of a used solar panel every […]


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Ho Chi Minh City has proposed a mechanism for purchasing and selling solar power generated from rooftop installations.

Ho Chi Minh City proposes that the Prime Minister issue a mechanism for buying and selling excess solar power generated from rooftop solar installations to encourage investment in this renewable energy source. This information was presented in the conclusion of Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Vo Van Hoan, regarding […]


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